The story of the snow patrol really moves me

freeze tounge

freeze tounge

At minus 40 F material like plastic become as brittle as glass, below 60 F the dogs start to suffer, at minus 70 F you must stop and camp. Dinner was one pot stew of tomato soup, pasta, cream cheese, and canned mini sausages, not enough to replace the burned calories. Some patrol lose 30 pounds during winter
Far north in the artic ocean they sled by dog.  It’s the sirius patroller, the world only military dogsled patrol. The job is low pay, no holidays, hunger, exhaustion, frostbite, stalked by polar bear, no chance to visit family or friend, no opportunity to go on date, and they don’t tweeting with their cellphone
Why they insist to become sirius patroller instead of marching around in a fancy cap, he craved the exact opposite, and He wanted and adventure, he liked to push himself
Some of the patrollers prefer to traveling light and fast but jesper did the opposite way, they brought all the clothing they desired, and never worrying about sacrificing a warm meal, they represented the slow and warm approach. Any slight miscalculation can be dangerous. You’ll be punished (by nature) if you’re not doing everything right
And the best part of it is is the northern light show that blazed overhead in neon pinks and greens, this is what i envy from them. This show made specially for those who brave enough to pushed their own limit

aurora borealis

     But one thing i’m sad about there are no room for the retired dog, and the dogs cannot be adopted. They must be euthanized and shot it with pistol, wish there a better way, because animal had the same right as human to live an pursuit of happiness
cited and rewrite from NGM



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